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Today’s Best Apps: Sorcery, Pheebo TV, Listacular And More

Pheebo TV by Arthur Matiossian (Free, 4.5 MB): This handy video browser and player provides access to many popular public video channels all in a single place. That means, you can go from checking out the latest viral videos and those shared by your friends on Facebook to learning something new through the Discovery Channel and AppAdvice [...]

Pheebo TV | All in One Place

Watching video online has never been more accessible than ever. But to get to certain videos, viewers need to find the right website or know some keywords to view it. Pheebo TV does away with all that and places every popular video channel viewers want into one app. Co-founder of Pheebo TV, Arthur Matiossian, created [...]

Pheebo Breathes a Breath of Fresh Air into Video Streaming

The future of video streaming on the go is here thanks to Pheebo. Designed for the new version of iOS, Pheebo pulls popular videos from a wide array of sources and places them all at your fingertips. This easy-to-use app allows you to browse through a matrix layout of popular and featured streaming videos or search [...]

Pheebo – A New Upstart In New Online Video Industry

Video-related start-ups are attracting investment and attention in part because they are close to the Hollywood studios, record labels, celebrities and aspiring content makers likely to be users or clients. In addition to Flipagram, Pheebo, Frequency, Jogg, Jukin Media, Zefr and Epoxy are some of the upstarts in the new online video industry [...]

Pheebo TV Mirrors Your iOS Video Experience to the Big Screen

You just never know what happens during Halloween. As Halloween fate may have it, we were pleased to interview Arthur Matiossian, co-founder of a so-cal startup - Pheebo TV. Pheebo TV is a free iOS app that allows you to search for free on-line video content and mirror it to your TV from your iOS device. It takes advantage [...]

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